Celebrity Dating Secrets Revealed

Currently teaching nationwide, headquarters in LA, OC, and Vegas! I'm an award winning celebrity therapist, relationship, fitness, and dating coach. Currently serving as a therapist to high clientele and aspiring entertainers in the music and entertainment industry. I also cater to everybody whether you are new to the game and have absolutely no idea where to start as far as dating goes or a season pro.

I'm a celeb dating coach, meaning I also teach dating to everybody the techniques and secrets celebrities use in their dating lives. Not just the everyday average pickup techniques that you see on You Tube that only works on average looking girls. It is rare to find a coach online that has worked and hung out with celebs and to actively teach the same social skills that celebs use to the public.


About Me

I have a degree in psychology and performing arts at the University of Texas and one of my professors, David Buss is a psychologist that is known for being one of the original founders of evolutionary psychology alongside teaching and publishing. He specializes in research of conflicts and diagnosis between opposite sexes, and was ranked one of the top professors in the US. Right after I graduated I had move to LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry I was a signed artist to one of the biggest music labels in the world and have even worked for Walt Disney, making my very own TV show! All of this just so I can get the connections, money, fame, etc, but most importantly to break out of my shell. It was even better than just meeting celebrities, but to actually learn from them,the actual secrets and techniques to attract girls that you can't find anywhere on YouTube. I went from having no friends, no dates in high school to a heartthrob that every actress and models in LA; aspiring or famous, craves. I teach the same techniques that celebrities use in my actual boot camps and classes. I have partied with numerous celebs such as the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Tori Kelly, Miley Cyrus, T-Pain's 30th birthday party at Magic City. I have also learn stripper and bartender game at Magic City and Sapphire from T-Pain and a couple others., to name a few. I Also have partied with the one and only Justin Bieber, including his 21st birthday in LA, Toronto, and Vegas!

It brings me happiness to teach a subject that has little resources and a lot of misinformation. Most importantly it doesn't take endless boot camps to know the secrets. In just one boot camp you will already learn all the fundamentals to attracts 9s and 10s, not just any girl. The 9s and 10s consists of runway models and entertainers from New York and LA for an example. Even though I'm retired from the industry I'm having a blast teaching inside secrets that the industry doesn't want people to know to prevent someone like me walking into a famous actor's house for a house party only to end up taking home the hottest girl at the end of the night.

I'm not just an inspiration to the Chinese and Asian community, but an inspiration to all races, all disabilities, and even celebrities! I was raised in England, Taiwan, and in America; LA, Houston, Vegas. That's why I can attract any type of girls surrounding myself in particular environments rich in different races and cultures.

Boot Camps VIP Style

Email or text for a free consultation call. I provide boot camps/residency. Weekend boot camps are Fri-Sun with over 12 hours of classroom, day game, and infield per night. I also provide one (1) free night of demo for new students before setting up a boot camp.

Tables are free with models from entertainment industry are included in Vegas and LA boot camps. Tables in LA and Vegas can run up to thousands, exclusive house parties events can run up to that amount as well. You are saving tens of thousands of dollars just taking my boot camp alone. Just by taking my boot camp alone you will save money on tables and can make anywhere up to six figures easily, besides just learning how to attract and pick up women you will learn how to get free tables and get invited to exclusive events for free!

Not just free tables, free tables with models just by taking my boot camp, you actually will make money not spend any money at all just by taking my boot camps! Pre-Selection will be taken care of right off the bat! Skype lessons are also provided exclusively for classroom time. This is great because you will still learn the concepts and fundamentals of dating celeb type of girls from your very own couch without having to pay the full price of boot camp, you set your own number of hours at any time.

What People Are Saying.

  • Chris has all the right resources to get you going whether your a total beginner or a seasoned pro. He has helped me to start dating the girls I like, and most importantly start living my life the way I always wanted it! It isn’t easy though Chris does not sugarcoat things just because you take his bootcamp doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the effort, but if you take the time and effort along with his classes then you will succeed gradually. Chris has all the keys and password to these celebrity dating secrets as he calls it. I’m glad I got to experience that firsthand.

    Sid T
  • I took some live classes, and also request a bootcamp (which is the holy grail in the coffin) for Coachella. We had afterparties in our tents everyday and we were pulling the hottest of the hottest girls from Coachella, this is Coachella we’re talking about not some random club, he ‘s able to pull the hottest of the hottest girls, bartenders, Coachella models, and have an awesome time with them, grab all their numbers and pulled all of them to party some more together in LA! As of now I’m still taking classes from him, and I will never learn from any other dating instructors again other than the one and only Chris Tan The Man!

    Soroosh H
  • Chris has transformed my life in a big way! Not only in just helping me finding my soulmate, but his therapy sessions is actually why I’m still alive, and also still have the motivation to be in the NFL, and still do what I love to do. Much love my Asian dawg!

    Josh G

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